We are fully licensed and certified with over 40 years in the construction trades ensuring your getting a qualified inspection. 

Home Inspections

Our peace of mind home inspections ensures that your current or potentially new home have been carefully investigated for any potential issues. 

Whether you are buying or selling a qualified home inspection will give you the peace of mind to know that there are no surprises. 

We are fully independent and follow the CanNACHI Code Of Ethics

WETT Certified Inspections

We are one of a handful of level 3 Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspectors in Canada which allow us to perform any WETT inspection. 

WETT inspections are done on any wood or coal burning appliance ensuring they meet code and are safe. We have had our certification for over 10 years providing us with years of experience with a variety of appliances ensuring you're receiving a proper inspection. 


Red Seal Plumbing

We are a Red Seal Plumber with over 40 years of experience with everything from unclogging your bathroom drain to large commercial installations. 

Enjoy the peace of mind having an experienced professional take care of your project knowing it will be done quickly, up to code and properly the first time. 

Over the years we continue to educate ourselves with courses on cross connection, water analysis & treatment, installation manufacturer supplier courses and many more. All towards the goal of serving you better. Specializing in service work and problem-solving. 

Commercial - Residential Gas & Oil License

Comprehensive HVAC training for both commercial and residential applications. 

Whether your project is as simple as installing your gas furnace or designing the proper system to fit your home we have you covered with the years of know-how so your project is done right. 

Specializing in service work and problem-solving. 

Handyman Services

Sometimes all you need is an extra pair of hands around the house to get those handyman tasks done. 

We are happy to provide all your handyman services from tightening your door knobs, fixing the sink, hauling your garbage or a full bathroom renovation. 

Ensure that your home is taken care of with our professional handyman services. 

Durston Home Services is Licensed & Insured for all our services. 

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